Get Coding 2 Book Review

Coding is one of our favourite subjects to learn in our homeschool and we are so excited to be able to start working through Get Coding 2.  Yes, it's book 2!  K managed to work through the first book earlier than expected,  which wasn't exactly surprising since any opportunity she gets, she'll be coding.

This book is all about coding games and as well as coding them, there's a little bit of reading material that goes through the history of games as well as highlighting some of the most popular games and characters, that we all know and love.  Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario and games like Pacman and Snake are just a few listed in the book.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking a walk through history and especially my childhood.  It was so nice to share my experiences and talk about my own memories with K.  I think she enjoyed listening to me chatting away and she had plenty of questions too.

Computer games are always so much fun to play and now you get the chance to code them too.  In this book there are 6 games to build using html and javascript.  To find out more and to take a peek inside the book in more detail, watch my review on my Youtube channel.

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Which books would you recommend for coding?  I'd love to know


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