I'm going to stop worrying!

Hey there!  So this really is my first post.  Well, let me start by telling you a little bit about myself.  I am Ummi or Mama to K & N, my two little munchkins.  K is a charming little lady and N is a jolly little chap.  Can you believe how much they've grown?  I can still remember the day they were born.  Where have the years gone?!

Over the years so much has changed and so did the little things I took for granted.  Like school!  When I look back I would never have in a million years thought that I would EVER homeschool.  If you want to know why we started homeschooling then it's simply because K's school closed down and so there were no spaces available in the schools we had chosen AND in any other schools around our area.  So I was left with no choice really.  Watch my video here to find out the deets.


So, on top of everything else that is mum life, life really did throw me a curveball in the shape of homeschooling.  

I felt so alone and found it extremely difficult.  I had many down days after feeling super overwhelmed by it all and having no one other than my lovely and very supporting husband to talk to, I still felt so lost.  

I try to be as positive as possible and stumbled across another blogger I had been following and after an afternoon of chatting to her I felt so much better.  The amount of help she sent my way in the form of articles, links, tips, advice and support made me feel so much better than I had ever felt before.  That's when I thought I'm going to stop worrying about it constantly and just go for it.  

I decided to go full steam ahead and not only film my parenting journey and everything that comes along with it, I'm going to blog about it too.  So here we are.  

I hope you enjoyed my first post.  I'm glad you stopped by and I look forward to seeing you here again.

Ummi x



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